Do some recreational reading

If you're not already spending a lot of time at the library, you definitely should. It's a great place to study, use the computer and work on group assignments. But it's also a great place to just hang out or even read. We're not just talking about textbooks or research either. Believe it or not, it's possible to read a book for fun and college libraries have tons of them. If you don't already know where the library is, you can usually find all the libraries that are available on campus by visiting your college website.

Head to the beach

Many campuses are located within a few hours of a beach. This is definitely something that should be taken advantage of if possible.

Hit the road

Everyone has heard of the road trip. It's a great escape where you pack a car full of friends and just drive. They've even made a movie called "Road Trip". Well, there's a good reason the idea of a road trip is so popular.

Go to a show

College campuses are literally surrounded by venues that offer local music at a low cost.

Ideas for a date

Here's some ideas of fun things to do on a date for people that are in a relationship.

Get some exercise

Exercise isn't just good for your body. A study by the American College of Sports Medicine found that college undergraduates had higher GPAs if they engaged in twenty minutes or more of vigorous daily exercise. On average the students that exercised had GPAs that were 0.4 higher than those that did not. Wow.

Give back

Sometimes the best way to forget about the stresses of your life is to focus on the life of someone or something else. It's easy to get wrapped up in daily events and feel overwhelmed with the way life is turning out. Little troubles have a way of piling up and growing to the size of a mountain if you let them.

Try to solve our riddles

You're always forced to solve problems in your classes. Now you can solve them for fun!

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